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Movement is a fundamental part of life, our bodies and how we move are a reflection of our life experiences. Lifestyle, work, injury, surgery, pain, poor movement habits, dysfunctional joint and soft tissue relationships and neurological conditions interrupt and change how we move. Healthy movement patterns are restored with a unique 5 phase method of rehabilitation and neuromuscular movement re-education using functional movement. An initial course is 6 sessions, individually tailored, starting with analysing what is happening and then creating a realistic program to achieve your movement goals. There are 3 different programs available, all include a functional movement and rehabilitation analysis, Walking assessment and Postural Assessment plus a walking re-education program. To maximise success in reaching goals practice in between sessions and following movement recommendations given are required.

Improve your exercise, performance, rehabilitation, neurofascial system with the MELT Method.  A simple self-care treatment that can boost the results of other activities i.e. Pilates, Yoga, sleep, digestion and more.


  • Move better feel free
  • Create healthy movement patterns
  • Improve gross motor skills, rhythm, co-ordination

  • Improve brain function & proprioception

  • Improve balance, stability, mobility
  • Improve walking & running



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