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Awareness, Alignment and Attention to detail are building blocks that can help you transform your life.

It is important to focus on awareness and being conscious of yourself, mind, body and spirit, so that you can transform patterns in your life to experience a greater health and wellbeing.

My role is to assist you in that process through Pilates, Dance, Massage and Reiki.

About Zoisa Holder

I have been teaching movement based activities for over 12 years working within the UK and Internationally on board five star cruise ships.

My dynamic and intuitive teaching and bodywork reflect all that I have learned from extensive movement based activities including Dance, Pilates, Yoga, Fitness and Massage.  I have also included the use of Young Living Oils, Young Living Raindrop Massage therapy, together with anatomy and physiology trainings, plus the leading edge Energy Mastery work learned with Dr Susan Anthony.

"What makes this work so powerful is that Zoisa comes from a very clear psychological space and truly embodies unwavering devotion to living the highest spiritual ideal of helping others" Dr Susan Anthony.

Ugi - Ultimate 30-minute functional workout

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Lie back put your feet up and let yourself be infused with a nurturing, creative energy that is deeply relaxing. More


Bring yourself back into balance
and ease into your natural flow.

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